Saturday, November 12, 2011

Apparently, yesterday while the hubs and I were out enjoying our date night, Z after going number 2, communicated with her grandpa (using gestures, pointing and grunts) that she needed to be changed. She pointed to her room where the changing pad is, commanding that her grandpa follow her, then proceeded to walk into her room, lay herself down on the changing pad, and wait for her grandpa to change her diaper. This is amazing considering that, for the majority of her diaper changes with the hubs and me, she is writhing as if in pain. It usually requires both the hubs and me to change her together. He holds her down while I clean her up as quickly as possible.

The hubs is very excited about this new development bc he thinks that it's an indication that she may be ready to be potty trained. I've been waiting for her to do the same thing with me today, but no luck yet. :p

On a different note, I really have to do a better job of recording some of the funny/adorable things Z has been doing these days before I forget. Especially when it comes to milestones like sleeping through the night (it took 6 long months before this happened), crawling (in July), walking (she started a couple days before her first birthday), feeding herself snacks (she started this only in the last month)...

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